Ruby on Rails application development and consulting
  • We build solutions for the Web and Mobile phones.
  • We love Ruby on Rails, Pentaho and other Opensource Technologies.
  • Agile process of Software Development.
  • Through Test Driven Development ( TDD), Pair Programming, Peer Reviews and Continuous Integration.
  • We deploy and support developed application on Heroku and Engine yard and see them take on the world.
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Since 2005, we've developed and deployed a series of production grade Ruby on Rails applications following a lean, agile development process...Read More
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We always try to keep up with latest trends in the technology by consistently working out with the new upcoming frameworks and plugins... Read More
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We have designed, developed, deployed and supported enterprise applications using Ruby on Rails that enable businesses to function...Read More
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We provide clear and concise visibility into the development process, allowing you to have your finger on the pulse of the project progress at all times...Read More


We offer our expertise in three distinct areas, we have been helping start-ups as well as enterprises to bring out their ideas and dreams to the market place for the past several years.


Ruby is primarily a software engineering company, run by a group of entrepreneurial minds – we have worked with a number of start-up customers, on a wide variety of technologies. Over the course of this journey, ...Read more


Enterprise applications - whether it is web based or mobile – demand a degree of rigor and more thoughtful approach and architecture, scalability, usability and integration. We have built our reputation and standards around the successful delivery of enterprise ......Read more

(UX) Design Service

User experience is all about designing the UI and laying out the UI elements in a manner that will make the user happy. When we say 'happy' means, users are not frustrated not knowing what is going to happen or left in a state of confusion about the applications usability... Read more

Our Technology Stack:

We "enjoy" building most of our server back-ends using Ruby on Rails, and use a number of technologies, like AJAX, Angular, backbone.js and other popular(and ever changing) frameworks for application front ends. We prefer to build native mobile applications.

We Teach Technology:

Our attempt to identify passion for software development while you are at college.

Ruby 2 College
Through our in-house training experience, we have realised that the freshers who joins the corporate right after finishing their education are good in their technical knowledge and skills. But sadly they lack depth in programming skills, software engineering skills, business communication skills, corporate etiquette, customer interfacing skills and other soft skills such as working in Team etc.